Deck & Fence Power Washing Services

Decks and fences are beautiful when kept clean and protected from the elements. Quality restoration is considered an art. Even though a pressure washer is used in the cleaning process, very little pressure is used. Too much pressure can easily damage wood leaving unsightly permanent "Wand Marks."

There are many different types of wood and each has different characteristics. Some species are much softer and require finesse to restore. Along with many types of wood there a variety of cleaners and strippers that are used to remove dirt and algae or failing sealers. With so many variables you want to make sure you hire a wood care professional. We have spent a great deal of time taking specialized restoration classes and testing restoration products.

We can offer our customers the best possible results for an affordable price!

For more information on our deck and fence cleaning and restoration services please call us at 201-424-1800.

Natural Green Gentle Power Washing
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            Cleaning Techniques