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Aqua Clean Featured in Jewish Link of NJ Business Spotlight

Ray Evangelista’s Aqua Clean Power Washing Will Extend the Life of Your Home

It’s said cleanliness is next to godliness, an adage Ray Evangelista of Aqua Clean Power Washing seems to have taken to heart. Certified by the United Association of Mobile Contract Cleaners (UAMCC), his company provides a variety of cleaning services, among them removing mold from the roofs of residential housing, graffiti removal and cleaning hardscape surfaces, such as the concrete surrounding pools. Personable and passionate, Evangelista sees his role as not simply a business owner who happens to work in New Jersey; rather, he feels strongly that it is his duty to contribute positively to the communities in which he works. He takes seriously his motto to “do no harm”. For Evangelista, examining his work with minute attention is not a chore, but a task undertaken with diligence and pride. Evangelista is not merely interested in houses sustaining damage, or that have fallen into disrepair, but frequently advises his clients on how to better maintain their homes so that the situation is significantly less likely to recur. As he points out, buying roof materials with a guarantee of a certain period of time (say, 35 years) means that it will need regular attending to, in order for that promise to become a reality. Speaking with the Jewish Link, Evangelista demonstrated his enthusiasm for the care and analysis his company undertakes, which results in truly dramatic differences in the health and cleanliness of his client’s property.

“You have to remember, when cleaning a roof, the destructive elements present are, in a broad sense, alive,” Evangelista said. Mold, gleocapsa magma (a strain of photosynthesizing bacteria) and algae feed on humidity-rich environments, and as they spread over a roof, they create black streaks and stains. One method of response would be to apply a great deal of pressure in a method known as power washing, but using this method alone would likely fail to eliminate the organisms. In addition, applying pressure in this way can remove granules from the roof’s tiles, degrading the asphalt out of which they are made. Instead, Aqua Clean Power Washing can clear the roof of a house with a single low-pressure spray of their carefully composed soap solutions. These are based on the recommendations of the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA), which endorses a mixture of bleach and water, to which AQPW adds a microbial cleanser. The use of this solution is known as “soft washing.” Soft washing is also extremely effective on cleaning a variety of materials, including stucco, brick, concrete as well as vinyl and aluminum siding.

Evangelista is conscientious in his business practices. For example, when he found that a soap his company had been using was potentially causing damage to his client’s plants, a discovery which even in retrospect appeared to pain him, he did not just switch products and begin using a fertilizer similar Miracle-Gro to shield his client’s gardens, but he additionally made sure to work with the manufacturer to investigate any possibly destructive side-effects their product may have been causing.

Taking care of one’s roof properly might seem to be one item among many on a homeowner’s to-do list, a task that could easily fade into the background of the mayhem of daily life. However, a roof is not merely a covering of a house, but protection for your home; it does not simply defend household items and material goods from the elements, but keeps your family secure and safe. When taken seriously, understanding the role of a roof means comprehending its manifold services. At which point the name Ray Evangelista should come to mind. After all, he’s understood this all along.