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Aqua Clean Power Washing LLC uses a roof cleaning technique called Soft Wash Roof Cleaning. Roof cleaning by this method focuses on using soaps to clean your roof rather than high pressure power washing. This form of roof cleaning is what is currently being taught in power washing schools. It's also what is recommended by the Asphalt Roof Manufacturing Association and roof manufacturer GAF. GAF is the largest roofing manufacturer in the United States.

The reason power washing schools are teaching the Soft Wash Roof Cleaning technique, and the manufacturers are recommending it, is because it doesn't damage the shingles by removing the granules on the surface of the shingles. Using any amount of pressure to clean a roof removes some of the granules and when granules are removed, the roof doesn't have as much protection from the sun and elements. This results in the roof not achieving its full life expectancy and may void the roof's warrantee.

Another reason pressure washing your roof is not recommended is because what you see on your roof is one of several forms of organic growth, not dirt. Some of these growths include gloeocapsa magma, moss, and folios lichens. The key to properly cleaning the roof is having the right blend of soaps. If you don't have the right soap blends you will not properly remove the organic staining or kill the organisms that are growing on your roof.

Some of the benefits of Soft Wash Cleaning your roof are that it does a much better job of cleaning the roof, it doesn't require high pressure so it will not damage the singles, it will not void your warrantee, it kills the organisms growing on the roof, and it lasts longer than traditional power washing. Most of our roof cleaning jobs should last for about 5 years. As an added bonus we also fertilize all of the plants that are in the cleaning area.


Another Soft Wash Roof Cleaning benefit is that we offer a two year warrantee against the organic growth returning. The terms and conditions of this warrantee are outlined on our roof cleaning agreement.

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