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Parking Garage Cleaning In Morris County, NJ

To properly clean parking garages in Morris County, NJ you need to use commercial grade hot water pressure washers, hot water, and soaps that are designed to break down car oil and grease. Aqua Clean Power Washing LLC has received training on how to properly clean parking garages and we have the capacity to clean large and small projects. We also use some of the most environmentally friendly soaps on the market.

NJ Wash Water Control Rules

To properly clean parking garages in Morris County, NJ you also need to adhere to all of the EPA and NJDEP rules. They dictate that you can’t pressure wash parking garages and dispose of the dirty water into the storm drains or rivers. This policy requires that we run the dirty water through vacuum reclaim and filtration systems which remove the oils and dirt from the water. We will also contact the local authorities prior to starting your project to confirm how we are to dispose of the water. This requires some homework, but it avoids getting the job done and having the EPA or NJDEP representative come to the job with a finding that the water was improperly handled, and being subject to fines or worse. If needed we can recycle and reuse the treated water, but that should be avoided because of the quality of the end product.

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